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    Meet Our Physicians

    Choice Cancer Care knows that you want a physician or an oncologist that you can depend on to discuss all of your questions and concerns — including information on the many cancer stages, cancer types and various treatment options. Our board certified physicians along with our trained and experienced medical staff will discuss all potential risks, benefits, and side effects of each course of your cancer treatment based on your diagnosis, preferences, health, age, and lifestyle. Our medical team will assess the specific situation and build a cancer treatment plan based on each patient’s needs.

    Choice Cancer Care’s trained and experienced medical staff will work together to form a cancer fighting medical team assigned specifically to you for your cancer treatments. Our experts and radiation oncologists will provide you with a range of healing choices designed to offer you complete cancer treatment care with your quality of life as the focus. At Choice Cancer Care, it’s all about you and what you need on your journey to better health.

    Dr. Amelia Tower, DO, FACOS

    Breast Surgical Oncologist

    Dr. Tower blends her exceptional academic and surgical training with her approachable, “small town” Southern charm to provide compassionate and comprehensive care for her patients. Dr. Tower is specialized in the most innovative and advanced surgical techniques for the treatment of high risk, benign, and malignant breast diseases. She is a certified Hidden Scar™ specialist and has strong interests in minimally invasive breast surgery, oncoplastic surgery, as well as nipple and skin sparing mastectomy.

    Specialties: Breast Surgical Oncology

    Locations: Southlake, TX, Las Colinas / Irving, TX

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    Dr. Raetasha Dabney, M.D.

    Board Certified Medical Oncology & Hematology

    Dr. Dabney is a member of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, and serves on the Clinical Practice guidelines committee (CPGC) and Multi-site guidelines committee. She is also a member of American Society of Hematology. Raetasha Dabney, MD is board certified in hematology, medical oncology and internal medicine. Her focus is in all solid tumors and malignant hematology. Hematology and Oncology are the areas of medicine dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and research of blood disorders (hematology) and cancers (oncology).

    Specialties: Breast Cancer | Colorectal Cancer | Lung Cancer | All Types of Cancer

    Locations: Southlake | Las Colinas – Irving

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    Dr. Juan Godinez, M.D.

    Board Certified Radiation Oncology

    Dr. Juan Godinez is a board certified physician in radiation oncology. He is highly experienced with 20 years of practice in the field. He completed his radiation oncology residency at The University of Chicago.

    Specialties: Breast Cancer | Prostate Cancer | Lung Cancer | Colon Cancer | Brain Cancer | Head & Neck Cancer | Skin Cancer | All Types of Cancer

    Locations: Decatur, TX (Wise County)

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    Dr. Swapna Goday, MD MPH

    Board certified in Medical Oncology & Hematology

    Dr. Swapna Goday MD is a hematology and oncology specialist with over 17 years of experience. Dr. Goday graduated in 2003. She is licensed to practice by the state board in Texas with 7 years of clinical experience. Her focus is in Solid tumors (Breast, GI, GU), Hemostasis & Thrombosis, Malignant Hematology.

    Specialties: Solid tumors (Breast, GI, GU) | Hemostasis| Thrombosis | Malignant Hematology

    Locations: Southlake | Lewisville

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    Dr. Aena Patel

    American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM)

    Oncology is a field that needs physicians who not only understand the clinical aspects and management of the diseases, but also have a humanistic approach to practicing the art of oncology.  Because of her dedication to her patients, Choice Cancer Care is happy to welcome Dr. Aena Patel to the team. People who know Dr. […]

    Specialties: Breast Cancer | Bladder Cancer | Prostate Cancer | Testicular Cancer | Renal Cancers | All Types of Cancer including Blood Disorders

    Locations: Plano, TX | Las Colinas / Irving, TX

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    Dr. Neelema Pinnapureddy

    Medical Oncology and Internal Medicine

    Dr. Neelema Pinnapureddy is board certified in Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology and is dedicated to providing compassionate and quality patient care. She treats all solid tumors and malignant/ benign hematology, with professional interests in breast cancer, lymphoma, and GI. Her greatest inspiration is her grandfather, who was also a physician. Dr. Pinnapureddy loves how […]

    Specialties: Breast Cancer | Kidney Cancer | Ovarian Cancer | Prostate Cancer | All Types of Cancer

    Locations: Las Colinas / Irving, TX | Lewisville | Plano, TX

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    Screening can help doctors discover and treat some types of cancer early. Usually, cancer treatment is more effective when the disease is detected in its early stages and there could be a better chance of curing the cancer. Some...

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