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Press Releases

  • Choice Cancer Care explains the various risk factors for skin cancer
    Understanding the Risk Factors for Skin Cancer Irving, TX – June 14, 2020 –Skin cancer occurs when abnormal cells in the epidermis grow uncontrollably due to unrepaired damage to DNA. This triggers mutations that cause skin cells to multiply and form malignant tumors. Skin cancer usually appears in places where the skin is exposed repeatedly […]
  • Dr. Juan Godinez explains the different types of breast cancer
    Understanding the Types of Breast Cancer Irving, TX – May 14, 2020 – When you are diagnosed with breast cancer, your care team will need to identify the type of breast cancer you have in order to plan treatment. An in-depth evaluation will be conducted on your breast tissue samples or tumor after surgery. Breast […]
  • Dr. Juan Godinez explains how complementary and integrative therapy for cancer works
    Understanding How Complementary and Integrative Therapy for Cancer Works Irving, TX – April 15, 2020 – A cancer diagnosis exposes a patient to multiple treatment options and other ways of relieving symptoms. Complementary and integrative therapies are different from mainstream medical treatments that patients may use to alleviate cancer symptoms and side effects of treatment. […]
  • Dr. Juan Godinez explains the various types of lymph node biopsies performed in cancer
    Irving, TX – Mar 14, 2020 –Lymph node biopsies are used by doctors to check for signs of cancer.  They are performed by taking out a small piece of the lymph node for examination in the lab. Lymph nodes are small organs in the body that play a vital role in filtering out harmful substances […]
  • Understanding the Side Effects of Chemotherapy
    Dr. Raetasha Dabney explains the various side effect experienced by patients undergoing chemotherapy. Irving, TX – February 13, 2020 –Chemotherapy is a treatment for cancer that involves the use of drugs to destroy cancerous cells in the body and prevent them from growing. Most chemotherapy drugs come with severe side effects. But doctors recommend it […]

Cancer Screening Guidelines

Screening can help doctors discover and treat some types of cancer early. Usually, cancer treatment is more effective when the disease is detected in its early stages and there could be a better chance of curing the cancer. Some...

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Learn About Your Options

Your journey with cancer is influenced by several factors. These factors include your overall condition, the specific characteristics of your cancer, and whether the goal of treatment is to eradicate your cancer, stop your cancer from spreading to other areas...

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