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    6 Reasons you Should Consider Getting a Second Opinion

    A positive cancer diagnosis is devastating. The treatment, lifestyle changes, stigma, and pain associated with cancer can be overwhelming when you learn you have cancer.

    However, the best thing about cancer is that you can recover if the disease is diagnosed early, and doctors use the most appropriate treatment options.

    Since there is an array of treatment options, knowing that you are getting the appropriate option (considering the stage and type of cancer you have) gives you the confidence to fight the disease.

    You should seek a second opinion on the treatment options that you are using. Consider the following reasons:

    1. If a second opinion confirms the original diagnosis, then you feel confident about the treatment you are receiving. If the physician discovers something that warrants a change in treatment, you can feel sure about your treatment option. Sometimes, the doctor may suggest a shift in treatment depending on the stage of cancer. This will instil confidence in the care you are receiving.
    2. Some cancers are rare even among some pathologists. A second opinion confirms the stage and type of cancer you have before you begin treatment.
    3. Seeking a second opinion provides an opportunity for you to explore new treatment methods. It also allows you to understand your cancer better. Being knowledgeable about the cancer and available treatment methods empowers you to take control of the illness.
    4. Some doctors are eager to work with you to identify an option for care, while others want to dictate the right choice. If your doctor does not instill positivity, then consider another physician who is ready to listen to you.
    5. Some facilities have advanced treatments that guarantee better results since they are tailored to your needs. A second opinion provides an opportunity to explore advanced care options.
    6. You have a right to a second opinion. Doctors understand the right and are flexible enough to allow you to seek a second opinion before you make a treatment decision.

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