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5 Things that Can Help Reduce Your Cancer Risk

Although cancer is unpredictable, you can protect yourself from the risks of the disease. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is the key to lowering your overall risk of cancer. Many factors contribute to the risk of developing cancer, but there are things you can do to help prevent the disease.

The below steps can help you prevent cancer from occurring;

  • Maintain a healthy weight – You should keep your weight in check to prevent obesity, a risk factor for cancer. Obesity causes chronic inflammation, which affects the functions of the cells and also increases the risk of DNA mutations that cause cancer. Excess body fat also increases the production of estrogen and insulin, which stimulates cancer growth.
  • Stay active – Get regular exercises to prevent inflammation and maintain a healthy weight. You should exercise daily for 45 to 60 minutes and avoid sitting for a long time. Take short walks every hour during breaks.
  • Eat healthily – A healthy diet consisting of plant-based foods can minimize your risk for cancer, sugary foods, processed foods, and processed meat can increase your risk. Your diet should contain whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and beans, which have antioxidants that can prevent body cells from damage.
  • Drink alcohol in moderation – You can abstain from drinking alcohol or limit your consumption to reduce the risks of cancers such as esophageal, liver, colon breast, and head and neck cancers. You can have at most two drinks a day if you are a man and one drink only if you’re a woman.
  • Avoid overexposure to sunlight – Don’t expose yourself to ultraviolet rays from the sun and indoor tanning beds. Ensure you spend less time in direct sunlight and use sunscreen every day.

Though small, these changes can help lower your risk of cancer. Try to modify your lifestyle and improve your overall health.

Cancer Screening Guidelines

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