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    How Cancer Patients Can Maintain Food Safety

    During this Coronavirus outbreak, cancer patients need to eat well to boost their immune system. A well-balanced diet high in nutrients is required to help the immune system fight off viruses and bacteria.

    If, by chance you get infected, a stronger immune system can help minimize the severity of the symptoms. Allowing you to maintain your strength and allow treatments like immunotherapy to work well.

    A diet rich in fresh veggies and fruits as well as dairy products is ideal. In situations when trips to the grocery store are limited, try to find other ways to get fresh, healthy food and keep it safe from germs and bacteria.

    Here are tips for making sure your food is well cleaned and stored;

    • Clean your kitchen surfaces – To prevent any food-related illnesses, you should clean and sanitize your kitchen surfaces. Use a bleach solution to wipe all the surface areas you use in preparing food, including your kitchen sink. This will kill bacteria and any other foodborne pathogens.
    • Wash your fruits and veggies – Before storing your fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator, wash them thoroughly with water and rinse in a mixture of water and vinegar. Use a paper towel to dry them. Put dry paper towels in the storage containers to help absorb the gases and moisture released when they ripen. This will also make them last longer in the fridge.
    • Always make sure you have enough dairy products or their alternatives. Freeze your milk and cheeses to extend their lives.
    • To minimize your risk of infection, make sure you wash your hands before and after handling food and its packaging. Keep high-risk foods separated from the rest to avoid cross-contamination. Make sure the surfaces exposed to these foods, including cutting boards, containers, and trays, are well sanitized.

    Knowing what to do and being vigilant with what you consume can keep you safe from illnesses and infections. Understanding which foods are safe and nutritious will keep you healthy and minimize your risk of any infections.

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