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    Ways Cancer Patients Can Cope with Anxiety Due to Covid-19

    A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming to take in, and now with the onset of Coronavirus, cancer patients are growing more anxious and insecure. Having cancer makes you vulnerable to Covid-19. Cancer that affects the body’s immune system like lymphoma or leukemia and treatments such as chemotherapy can weaken your immune system and reduce your ability to fight infections.

    As a cancer patient anxious about Covid-19, you can do the following to help cope with your situation:

    • Discuss with your health care team – Your cancer care team understands your health and your treatment schedule. Talk to them to weigh your options, and if you have to minimize movement and avoid exposure, telehealth appointments can be arranged. They’ll find ways to be there whenever you’re anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed.
    • Stay informed without stressing yourself out – A lot of information on Covid-19 is available, both in the media and online. However, you shouldn’t overwhelm yourself with too much information. Just focus on the facts, and follow your doctor’s advice to stay safe.
    • Always stay in touch – In times like this, you need to keep in touch with people closest to you. Interact with your family and friends regularly to keep your mind off stressing matters regarding your health. Call or chat with them, and you’ll find your stress levels dropping.
    • Create a schedule and stick to it – Develop a routine with set times for meals, some exercise, sleep, and relaxation to keep you healthy, both emotionally and physically. Watch a movie, walk your pet, do some gardening, or preoccupy yourself with something that you love. Staying active can help you ward off depression and respond better to your cancer treatment.

    When battling cancer, you should remember to keep calm, talk to your loved ones when you feel lonely, and seek advice from people who can support you.

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