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Hidden Causal Factors for Cancer

Cancer occurs as a result of damage to the body’s DNA. It affects the way body cells grow and divide, making toxic cells to grow rapidly into cancerous tumors. Some cancer cases can get out of control due to genetic defects, family history, or lifestyle changes.

While most common causal factors for cancer are widely known, there still are other causes that still remain hidden to many. Some risks can be prevented by making lifestyle and dietary changes or exercising, but others are quite hidden, making it difficult to detect or prevent.

Here are some of the hidden causal factors for cancer as discovered by research;

Air pollution – Air pollution is responsible for over 220,000 lung cancer deaths in the world every year. Smoggy air and other foreign particles can cause cancer. Studies also link soot with scrotum cancer. Inhaling soot can cause esophageal, lung, and bladder cancer.

  • Having excess weight – Research has proven that being obese or overweight can increase the risks for esophageal, pancreatic, kidney, colon, rectum, and breast cancers. A recent study observed that postmenopausal women saw a significant decrease in their angiogenesis markers after losing weight.
  • Eating a healthy diet and living an active life by exercising can help maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risks of these cancers.
  • Processed foods – Foods that are industrially packed and sealed in plastic wrappers can increase your risk for cancer. Scientists have confirmed that people who eat more processed foods are more likely to develop cancer. They are still researching to find out whether the preservatives in the food or the plastic packaging increase the risk. Also, eating processed, barbequed, or red meat puts you at a high risk of developing cancer. Research confirms that consuming one hot dog every day can cause colon cancer.
  • Indoor tanning – Indoor tanning is believed to cause thousands of skin cancer cases every year. According to research, people who use tanning beds have a high risk of developing melanoma.

Most of what the body consumes contributes to the risk of certain types of cancer. We can prevent this by getting educated on proper ways of making lifestyle changes that will help prevent the disease.

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