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Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer Patients 

Prostate cancer is caused by the uncontrollable outgrowing of cells in the prostate glands. The prostate gland is below the bladder and in front of the rectum. It produces a fluid which is partly semen and it is only found in males. Prostate cancer has some effective treatments including:

  • Using 177Lu PSMA-617 – The combined use of 177Lu PSMA-617 and Idronoxil (NOX66) is effective in treating prostate cancer patients, this is according to research that was presented to Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI). Previously, 177Lu PSMA-617 has been combined with other therapeutic medicines which did not work on some patients, providing the need for further research.
  • Prostatectomy surgery – in this surgery, doctors operate on the prostate area and a radical prostatectomy ejects the prostate and the nearby cells.
  • Radiation therapy – Carried out in two ways; external and internal radiation therapy. External is whereby a machine outside the body directs high energy rays to kill the cancerous cells while internal, which involves placing radioactive pellets near the affected cells through surgery and destroying them with high energy rays, known as brachytherapy.
  • Chemotherapy – It involves the use of special medication that shrinks and destroys prostate cancer cells. The drugs can be administered through the veins or taken orally. The treatment is effective in early stages of diagnosis.
  • Hormone therapy – This is achieved by closing all avenues for nutrients that enable the growth of prostate cancer cells thus inhibiting their grow making them to die.

There are several treatments options for prostate cancer. The treatments depend on different factors although the main factor is the stage of prostate cancer. Other options that have been found to treat prostate cancer are; cryotherapy, biological therapy and the use of high intensity focused ultrasound.

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