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    What is The Link between Age and Breast Cancer?

    The leading cause of breast cancer is the uncontrollable growth of cells in the breast, leading to a tumor. The tumors can grow to nearby tissues and even into other organs of the body. Its prevention is by earlier diagnosis and treatment. Seeking information about risk factors associated with breast cancer will help you make informed decisions regarding screening and lifestyle habits. What is the link between age and breast cancer?

    • The average age of breast cancer diagnosis – The risk of contracting breast cancer is high as one gets older; this is due to the likelihood of abnormal changes in cells. Averagely, breast cancer is common in females over the age of 50 years. A study by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) indicates that diagnosis for breast cancer is often in females between the ages of 55-64 years.
    • Risk of diagnosis for different ages–as much as the average age for breast cancer diagnosis is over 50 years; the younger generation is also at risk. The statistics from NCI below shows the rate of breast cancer in females of the age range of 10 years;
    • 1 in 227 for females of 30 years
    • 1 in 68 for females of 40 years
    • 1 in 42 for females of 50 years
    • 1 in 28 for females of 60 years
    • 1 in 26 of females of 70 years

    The statistics are clear that the risk of diagnosis for breast cancer becomes more significant as one gets older.

    • Other risk factors that lead to breast cancer – studies show that there is a 100 percent chance for females to have breast cancer more than males. Other significant factors are breast density, genetic mutations, menstrual and reproductive history, family history of breast cancer, chest or breast radiation therapy, and diethylstilbestrol treatment.

    NCI recommends that all females should have breast cancer screenings so early diagnosis and treatment can be started.

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