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    The Differences a 3 D Mammogram Makes In the Detection of Breast Cancer

    For a woman, especially one who has breasts which are denser than the norm, 3 D mammograms can ensure that a tumor is detected quicker and more accurately. The technique, which was given approval by the FDA will allow a radiologist to see the tissues of the breast with X rays clearly.

    • It works by taking multiple scans at different angles: The technique, also called 3 D digitalized breast tomo-synthesis, works by capturing many slices of a breast, each from a different angle. These shots are then combined so as to reconstruct the structure of the breast. Thanks to these sectional views, one can see a lesion, or tumor with much better clarity than the usual 2 D view.
    • Will aid in earlier detection of cancer: Thanks to the newer guidelines passed by the American Cancer Society recommending females who have a mean level risk for getting breast cancers should have an annual mammogram starting at age 45. 1 In every 6 cases of cancer are seen in women between the ages of 40 and 49, but the average age of being diagnosed is 62.
    • Could be especially advantageous for minorities: African American women are more likely to receive a diagnosis of breast cancer in more advanced stages when they are younger. Studies also prove that their possibility of dying at a younger age than Caucasian women, from breast cancer, is true. This is probably because of the biologics of the breast cancer, the impedance to receiving quality health care, and reproduction factors.

    With this technology, there has been a forty percent increase in the cases of breast cancer detected. It is believed that with this technology, there will be great progress in the detection of breast cancer allowing for better survival rates.

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