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Breast Cancer Treatment Texas

If you have been recently diagnosed or are already a survivor of breast cancer, you are sure to be affected inside and out. Each and every day, you have to handle and manage the emotional anxiety of breast cancer treatment.

Standard of Life after Treatment

Though many breast cancer survivors say that they are leading a good quality of life, some report having side effects from treatment.

Weariness and Lethargy

Since breast cancer treatment can prove to be quite strenuous and taxing, it is important that you save as much of your energy as possible and get your friends or family to help you with your chores and errands. If you have been feeling any pain, make sure to inform your doctor. They can always prescribe medication that will ease your pain.

Soreness in Mouth

Patients often report that after they receive breast cancer treatment, they experience throat or mouth soreness. Consult your Texas doctor or your dentist about what they can do to help make the pain go away.

Aside from drugs, your doctor may recommend eating foods that will not cause as much irritation in your mouth. Eat as many soft foods as you can, like bananas, mac and cheese, scrambled eggs or pureed roasted vegetables. Try to steer clear of any citrus fruits, salty or spicy food items.

Loss of Hair

Not everyone should expect to lose their hair after sessions of chemotherapy. It all comes down to the type and dosage of chemotherapy you receive. Your Texas cancer doctor will inform you if hair loss is expected.  There are chemo cold caps that can be worn during treatment that help eliminate losing hair through the process.

Some patients may observe their hair gradually starting to get thinner. Some may lose their hair altogether including their eyebrows and eyelashes as well.

Women, in particular, can prepare for this scenario beforehand by getting their hair styled short or getting wigs or hair wraps to wear.

After the chemotherapy sessions are over and the patient slowly starts to recover, hair usually starts growing back after a few months.

Not all patients will experience side effects from breast cancer treatment. Your Texas cancer doctor will help make you as comfortable as possible and customize your treatment to work best for you.

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