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    Early Detection Can Lead to Better Breast Cancer Treatment in Texas

    Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer in American women outside of skin cancer. With more than 252,000 invasive cases likely to be diagnosed in the coming year, taking steps to prevent this condition is something that should be done. Making sure that screening is a part of the annual routine, however, can prove critical for increasing the chances of a positive outcome should the disease develop. Doctors are often better able to provide more effective breast cancer treatment in Texas and elsewhere when the disease is caught in its earliest phases.

    Routine screening recommendations may vary based on a woman’s unique risk factors. In general, it is suggested that women between the ages of 40 and 44 consider annual mammograms if the option is made available to them. Between the ages of 45 and 54, annual screening is strongly urged. After age 55, women with no prior history of breast cancer will generally find that screenings once every two years is sufficient. In some cases, annual mammograms will still be recommended.

    Women who doubt that annual screenings make a difference may want to consider just how many cases of breast cancer are caught in the earliest, most treatable stage. The American Cancer Society estimates that about 63,000 new cases of breast cancer in situ, which means non-invasive cancer, are diagnosed annually. The high number is often attributed to women who undergo annual exams and those who stick with a strict self-exam and medical checkup schedule.

    While breast cancer screenings have proven very helpful in aiding in the detection of this disease in its early stages, women need to do their part. Aside from eating right, exercising and minimizing lifestyle risks, such as smoking and consuming alcohol, women should put a priority on routine screening. To find out more about personal risks for breast cancer and when screening should begin, talk to a healthcare provider. Although the need for breast cancer treatment in Texas may not be entirely avoidable, early detection can lead to positive outlooks.


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