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    Smoking-Related Lung Cancer on the Decline in Texas

    Lung cancer remains one of the most commonly diagnosed forms of this disease in the United States. With an estimated 225,000 new cases each year and some 158,000 deaths, lung cancer accounts for about 14 percent of all cancers. While the battle against this disease remains very much active, one state in particular has witnessed a strong decline over the past few years.

    New cases of smoking-related cancer are down significantly across Texas. Between 2008 and 2012, it was estimated that more than 58,000 people in Texas had lung cancer. More than 43,000 Texans died during that period from the disease. As more people quit smoking or avoid the habit all together, those numbers are shrinking. In 2016, it’s estimated that about 14,000 people had lung cancer. About 9,500 Texans were expected to die from the disease.

    Researchers say the decline in cases is due to a reduced smoking rate. As more attention is placed on this common cause of lung cancer, people are opting to never light up. Those who have the habit are taking steps to end it.
    People who smoke are strongly urged to speak with their healthcare providers about options to help them quit. Medical professionals have a number of tools at their disposal that can help people kick the habit once and for all.

    From over-the-counter products to prescription medications, people do not have to face this addiction alone.
    People who have smoked for a long time are at particularly high risk for the development of lung cancer. Those with a long-term history of tobacco use are strongly urged to talk to their healthcare providers. Screening for this disease can lead to early detection and potentially life-saving treatment. Imaging tests, such as a low-dose CT scan, can help doctors detect this condition early enough to help preserve lives.

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