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    Aspirin May Give the Body a Big Preventative Boost

    Those simple aspirin tablets in the back of the medicine cabinet may very well be good for a whole lot more than fighting minor aches and pains. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recently gave its thumbs up to this over-the-counter drug’s use as a primary preventative not only for heart disease, but also colorectal cancer in those ages 50 to 59. The drug, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, has recently shown itself useful for lowering colorectal cancer risk.

    The USPSTF draft recommendation for use of low-dose aspirin for heart disease prevention only applies to those with a 10 percent or greater 10-year cardiovascular disease risk. These patients must, of course, also not be at increased risk for bleeding. An approval for use to prevent colorectal cancer was also given, but other medical professionals do urge caution. There are some conflicting recommendations in regard to low-dose aspirin use and colorectal cancer prevention. Even so, some studies have indicated that aspirin may serve as a preventative in a number of other cancers, including prostate, lung and melanoma. A number of recent studies have also begun to show a strong link between inflammation and cancer. This link may be the mechanism that makes aspirin an effective preventative.

    While some doctors and researchers are touting the benefits of aspirin for prevention, it’s important for people to have their risks evaluated. It’s important to also make certain low-dose aspirin use is recommended by a physician and its use is monitored. Daily aspirin usage may increase the risk for bleeding, which means its use is discouraged greatly in people who are taking blood thinners and other similar medications.

    To get a better understanding of personal colorectal cancer risks and other disease risks, make an appointment for a checkup. Your physician can help you better understand your health and a variety of means to prevent certain conditions from arising.

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