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AACR Cancer Progress Report 2013: Immunotherapy

Decades of cancer research have fueled extraordinary medical, scientific, and technical advances that gave us the tools that we now use for the prevention, detection, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. Together, these advances have helped save millions of lives in the United States and worldwide. As highlighted in the Special Feature on Immunotherapy below, one area that is beginning to revolutionize the treatment of certain cancers, and that holds incredible promise for the future, is immunotherapy.

The immune system naturally eliminates some cancers before they become life threatening. Researchers, therefore, thought that it should be possible to develop therapies that would train a patient’s immune system to destroy their cancer. Such therapies, referred to as immunotherapies, are now beginning to revolutionize the treatment of some cancers, yielding both remarkable and durable responses. Although getting to this point has proven challenging, the field holds immense promise, as discussed by cancer immunology pioneer Drew Pardoll​.

Perhaps the greatest promise of immunotherapy lies in combining immunotherapies that target different immune checkpoint proteins or immunotherapies that operate differently, as well as combining immunotherapies with other types of anticancer treatments.

Choice Cancer Care has the PD1 Inhibitor available for use in treatment for their patients. Contact us today at 214.379.2700 to find out more.

You can watch the video:

AACR Cancer Progress Report 2013: Immunotherapy

Drew Pardoll, MD, PhD, professor of oncology and director of cancer immunology at the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins, speaks about immunotherapy in the AACR Cancer Progress Report 2013.
Read the complete Report