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    Fueling Right for Cancer Treatments

    When it comes to fighting cancer, sometimes the cure can seem worse than the cause. Chemotherapy, surgery and radiation can leave patients feeling sicker than they did to begin with while zapping their strength and energy. While it’s all for a good cause and the temporary hurdle will be overcome, it’s getting from Point A to Point B that’s tough.
    This is where proper nutrition can really come into play. When the body is fueled well, it becomes easier to face what lies ahead. Eating right during treatments, however, isn’t always simple. Fortunately, there are some strategies patients and their loved ones can take to help keep nutrition sound no matter how tough treatments happen to get.
    Tips that Help
    It’s no secret that eating and chemotherapy don’t necessarily go together, but nutrition is vital for warding off secondary illnesses and keeping the body strong for the fight ahead. Here are some tips that can help:
    • Eat smart – When eating is feasible, make it count by selecting nutrient rich foods. Go for heathy options instead of grabbing a bag of chips. Vegetables, dairy, nuts and other healthy items make great snack choices.
    • Use multivitamins – Fueling the body with calories is important, but so are vitamins. Since eating will be tough, add a multivitamin to the mix to ensure a healthy daily intake.
    • Consider liquid supplements – Nutritional drinks and shakes, such as protein drinks, can help ensure a proper mix of nutrition while being easier for the body to handle.
    • Chat up a dietitian – Don’t be afraid to reach out to a pro for tips on what to eat and what to avoid during treatments. Chances are a well-schooled dietitian will offers tips that you haven’t even considered.
    Eating won’t feel like a top priority during cancer treatments, but it is. The better fueled your body is, the easier it will be for you to maintain strength while battling the disease.

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