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Helping Fight Cancer with a Positive Attitude

Cancer is an emotional disease as well as a physical disease. There is much emotion connected with receiving a diagnosis of cancer as well as fighting the disease through treatment. The treatment itself is obviously crucial in fighting cancer but so too is a variety of less tangible elements such as the support received by friends and family, as well as the attitude of the cancer patient themselves. There is nothing uplifting about finding yourself in the position of undergoing cancer treatment and maintaining a positive attitude doesn’t mean slapping a smile on your face even when you’re feeling sad and exhausted. It’s about always keeping your eye on the prize – your health.

It’s about honoring what you’re feeling and asking for what you need from the people who love you. And it’s about respecting your boundaries during a time when it’s important to keep the focus on YOU. Here are some of the ways that you can respect the role that emotion plays in your cancer treatment and include it as a part of your support foundation.

Allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling. You don’t always have to be a trooper in the face of extreme and often surreal circumstances. This is happening to you – to your body and no one else’s. So it’s not appropriate for anyone else to tell you how you should be feeling. If you’re having a sad day, honor that by allowing yourself to feel sad. If you’re feeling happy, go with that feeling and do something that makes you feel even happier.
Remember to live your life. Undergoing treatment for cancer can feel like your entire life for good reason. But the truth is that it’s only a part of your life right now – on a temporary basis. Don’t be afraid – and don’t hesitate – to go out and live your life within the confines of what feels good to you. Go to work, go out with friends, have a romantic night with someone you love. Don’t put your life on hold.
Say what you mean. Reaching out to the people around you who have offered to help is important in creating a solid support system for yourself. Ask for what you need from them. Don’t be afraid to tell them when you need their help, need some space, or just need a hug.
Staying positive just means staying true to yourself in whatever way that means so that you can continue your journey towards health.

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