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Cancer can be treated in a number of ways

Cancer can be treated in a number of ways. Cancer treatment options largely depend on the kind of cancer and how far it has spread. Cancer treatments include biological therapy, hormonal therapy, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. People diagnosed with cancer are normally receive one or more of the below cancer treatment options:

  • Surgery. Used to remove cancerous tissues from the body. However, radiation of chemotherapy may be given after the surgery depending on the stage and the kind of cancer.
  • Chemotherapy. Special medicines are used to kill cancerous cells. These medicines can either be given as pills or with the help of an intravenous tube, or, sometimes, both.
  • Hormonal therapy.  Hormonal treatment is mainly used to stop cancer cells from attaining those hormones that help them multiply.
  • Biological therapy. This treatment targets patient’s immune system to fight cancer or to control a number of side effects that are a result of harsh cancer treatments.
  • Radiation. This therapy uses high-energy rays, which helps kill cancer cells. The rays are directly targeted on the body where the cancer is located.

Choosing the right kind of cancer treatment options is very important for patients who are suffering from cancer. Doctors normally prescribe the best treatment options for each patient’s needs so that they can fight cancer effectively. Doctors will thoroughly discuss all treatment options with their patients so that they understand the risks and benefits of each therapy.