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Breast Cancer the Most Common Cancer in Women

Cancer is one of the most common diseases seen today. According to the Texas Cancer Institute, breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death and it affects many women. One survey, which was conducted by the Texas Cancer Institute shows that currently in United States there are over 2 million women receiving cancer treatment for breast cancer. The good news is that the rate of death from breast cancer is going down due to early detection and improved treatment through scientific and technological advancements, although identifying the exact cause is a question that continues to be studied. Sometimes breast cancer is a hereditary mutation seen in one of two genes which are known as BRCA1 and BRCA2.

Basically a woman’s breast cancer treatment options will depend on factors such as her age and menopausal status; her general health; the size and location of the tumor including the tumor factors as related to hormones; the stage of the cancer and the results of the lab tests. Choice Cancer Care continues to follow all research and development to help prevent and cure breast cancer and all other forms of cancer.

Cancer Screening Guidelines

Screening can help doctors discover and treat some types of cancer early. Usually, cancer treatment is more effective when the disease is detected in its early stages and there could be a better chance of curing the cancer. Some...

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Learn About Your Options

Your journey with cancer is influenced by several factors. These factors include your overall condition, the specific characteristics of your cancer, and whether the goal of treatment is to eradicate your cancer, stop your cancer from spreading to other areas...

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